100 MW tender for wind and solar power in El Salvador

Today the project bids for the 100 MW tender for renewable energies were opened. Kaltenbach Energy Consulting participated in the ceremony in San Salvador. The Salvadorian government had invited tenders for 60 MW for solar power und 40 MW for wind power projects and had defined possible grid connection points. The required minimum project size was 5 MW. Two wind power projects were dismissed as they were well above the maximum price for wind energy determined by the regulation authority SIGET. One reason is high costs related to grid connection because of the considerable distance to the attractive project sites in Metapán. The 40 MW capacity considered for wind power was then filled with further solar power projects. The price level of the project bids demonstrates the competitiveness of solar power. The larger project (20 MW) offered the kilowatt-hour for less than 10 USD-cents. The low prices are based on decreased system prices and high irradiation in El Salvador, up to 2,000 kWh/m² per year.